Build your own legend on-line!

Cpmplete the Steps and click on Submit. I will be able to put your legend together from your notes and publish it on-line! Or you can type up your own and mail it to me at

1. Step 1: The Setting (Where does the story take place?)
2. Step 2: The Problem is...(something frightening, dangerous?)
3. Step 3: The failure to stop the problem (an idea which goes wrong!)
4. Step4: Then a hero/heroine comes along....
5. Step 5: and he/she has a plan...(keep it simple!)
6. Step 6: and the solution is found!
7. Step 7: The happy ending (or not!)
8. Step 8: Your Name
9. Step 9: Your School (school address if you wish to be in the running for a prize!

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